Andrea Nicole Smart


LOVE and Us

Andrea and Martin are a couple in love. We met in December 2009 and were instantly attracted to each other.

We'd actually known each other in our teens and twenties - but not too well, never having dated nor even hung out together as friends. We just knew each other from our little Rockin' community, going out to clubs, and dancing the night away...each of us loving the jive!

So, imagine when 25-30 years later, we meet again in a similar club and ZING....went the strings of our hearts!

It took a couple of conversations, a couple of meetings at clubs, and that pounding heartbeat in us both, to realise that we wanted to be together.

The timing was astro-nomic! New Years Eve at midnight brought us the perfect opportunity of a sweet magical kiss.

Yet the story doesn't even begin here...there's so much more!!!

Our true-life love story has been treasured and enjoyed by all of our friends, who see us as being a couple who offer hope to those searching for love!

This introduction is just the beginning of our very own love story, which has to be read to be believed. The 1st Year of True Love ends at midnight on New Years Eve 2010, when our 1st anniversary begins.

With love in mind, please watch out for this fascinatingly true story being published in 2011.

Thank you for your interest. Now, if you wish to be kept informed about updates, please do add your details to the contact page. Other articles about love, life and philosophy have been and continue to be published online, so keep yourself informed and fill in the form here...

We hope that you are someone who has found the love of your life too, and if not, perhaps we can help to inspire you.

With love, the world is a much happier place. Wishing you all the love you wish yourself,

Andrea & Martin