Andrea Nicole Smart


Crazy Cat Lady

Hello and thank you for visiting my profile.

I have loved and lived with cats for much of my life - save a couple of years - and that's a lot! You could say I am a crazy cat lady!

My beautiful black & white short-hair 'Nooshie' passed away in November 2016; she was almost 20 and I had the very real privilege of being her human-mummy for 15 years.

She developed a hyper-thyroid condition in 2012 which I managed by finding an awesome Vet Clinic who taught me how to give her medication and feed her appropriately. 

I am a Reiki 1 Practitioner and gave healing to my cat when she broke her leg in 2014. Instead of 6-8 weeks of recuperation, she only took 3 weeks until she was yet again climbing fences. The Vets were astounded.

She eventually developed a tumour in her stomach which she kept from me until it had become too large to operate on. I had to say goodbye to her very sadly and still miss her months later.

Nooshie was preceded by Suki a stunning black long-hair female and Felix another black & white short hair male who I loved for 5 years until they were both taken from me through road accidents.

In my 20's, I was handed 2 cute kittens by their natural Mother - a tortoiseshell short hair feral - who then left for pastures new. They lived until 19 and 20 respectively.

When I lived at home with my Mum & Dad, my Brother found a scared little black cat cowering in a corner and brought her home to live with us in a block of flats. I took her in when she was 15 - as I moved away to live in a house when I married - and Mum and Dad then moved to a house with garden to be closer to me. I returned her to my folks and she lived until she was 20, ailment-free.

Prior to this, Mum who loves cats just about as much as I took in strays and ferals, one of which protected me when I was a baby by sitting by my pram and warding off unwanted visitors. She would then jump into my pram to curl up when I was picked up by Mum.

Throughout my life, as well as loving animals but in particular cats, I have been employed by commercial companies and have worked my way up the ladder to become a respected Bid Writer and Author. I often work from home when I can and I so miss having a furry friend around.

I won't be housing any more cats in the near future as I need to grieve for my loss. in the short term however, I can look after yours when you are away.

I am registered in the UK with if you would like me to cat-sit for you.